Managers help pages;

Key Support Resources;

1 Community Club Poster for libraries / Supemarkets / corner Shops

2 Community club Facebook Advert Template

3 Community club Twitter Face Book Advert

4. Using ChessFunClubs Registration Software

5 Chess Fun Clubs Curriculum Resources

6 Your County Face Book Page

7 Your County Webpage

8 Our Whatssap Resources group

9. The Bonus System for staff

10 Promoting our Sponsor

11 Promoting our Chosen Charity

12  Letter for parent to give to Head Teacher at Primary School


How to Run the clubs using ChessFunClub Pedagogy

  1. Breakfast Fun Club Pedagogy Help
  2. Lunch Fun Club Pedagogy Help
  3. After School Club 1st Hour Pedagogy Help
  4. After School Club 2nd Hour Pedagogy Help
  5. School Curriculaem hour Pedagogy Help
  6. School Enrichment hour Pedagogy Help
  7. Half Term Chess Camp Pedagogy Help
  8. End Term Chess Camp Pedagogy Help
  9. School night Community Chess Club Pedagogy Help
  10. Saturday Training and Tournament Pedagogy Help
  11. Sunday Afternoon Community Blitz Tournament Pedagogy Help
  12. County Tournament Organiser Pedagogy Help
  13. Worker at Chess Fun Clubs National Tournaments Pedagogy Help
  14. Military General Corporate Team Bonding Training Pedagogy Help
  15. Chess In Prisons Pedagogy Help
  16. Chess In Over 40s Holiday Camps
  17. Online Chess Fun Clubs Puzzle Tournaments Administrator
  18. Sell Curriculum’s Sell all Chess Fun Clubs Products Direct to our shop  Help
  19. Promote our admin Links through their Social Media Links Help
  20. Promote Chess Fun Clubs National Training School and International Tournament Trips Help

Contacting your Line Manager

  1. Call them Via Skype at weekly designated time.
  2. Raise any general questions – have a sheet to ask them any questions to help you, not knowing is good if you simply ask – Do not be afraid to ask no matter how obvious.

Running and promoting ChessFunClubs chess events

  1. learn how to use
  2. learn how to use Swiss manager
  3. learn how to advertise your events
  4. learn how to have live games at