Win A Chess Match In Just 2 Moves

Chess is hard. True grandmasters spend years learning the underlying theory, working through puzzles, and studying their opponents in order to perfect their game. But we’re going to show you how to win a match in just two moves.

Full disclosure: since chess is a two-person game, this will only work if your opponent makes two really bad moves. In this game, you will be playing black, and your opponent is white. Now let’s check what White can do here. White has left his king really exposed. The only place the king can move is in the direction of the queen, which doesn’t help.

None of the surrounding pieces can block the queen, and none of the surrounding pieces can take the queen.So you’ve won!  Chess strategy consists of setting and achieving long-term goals during the game—for example, where to place different pieces—while tactics concentrate on immediate maneuver. These two parts of chess thinking cannot be completely separated, because strategic goals are mostly achieved by the means of tactics, while the tactical opportunities are based on the previous strategy of play.

Because of different strategic and tactical patterns, a game of chess is usually divided into three distinct phases: Opening, usually the first 10 to 25 moves, when players develop their armies and set up the stage for the coming battle; middlegame, the developed phase of the game; and endgame, when most of the pieces are gone and kings start to take an active part in the struggle.

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