I am Charlie Storey a qualified FIDE Chess Master and qualified FIDE Trainer.


‘The UK’s most qualified and most successful Chess Teacher of aged 7 to 14 year old students.’

So that you can make an informed decision on the chess training time you have available for your son / daughter to maximise their chess improvement, I am going to have to ramble on about how good I am as a Chess Teacher but before that here is concrete evidence;

Here are the results from the prestigious December 2018 London Junior Chess Championships where my two Skype Chess students finished joint first – This is arguably, the toughest under 10 tournament in the UK.

London Junior Chess Championships Under 10 section   December 2018

As you can see from the final round listings both students ended in position 1 and position 2.

You may wonder how a FIDE Master from Newcastle can perform so well as a Chess Teacher for students in London?

The answer is my ‘refined across 20 years’ bespoke training system delivered through 1-1 Skype lessons which will soon be rolled out to schools all over the UK.

The one to one personal training accelerates improvement like no other and I use secret teacher training methods that have not been published! Well I do have to make a living!

Read on to ensure your child will benefit from having access to ‘The UK’s most qualified and most successful Chess Teacher of aged 7 to 14 year old students.’ Please do contact me for a few taster sessions before deciding too / not too committing to a weekly program of one, two or three hours per week.

I am a premium Chess teacher with over 160 Open victories, Several National Junior Chess Champions created in past 2 years, regular England Team Chess Coach and highly dedicated to students in my training programs with a recent 3,000 Chess rating at Chess24.com – I do charge Premium pricing of £40 per hour off peak and £50 per hour peak, remember – no one is as qualified or as successful in the UK be it FIDE Master International Master or Grandmaster so if you want to maximise your son / daughters potential we need to work together as our UK culture dictates kids have other pressing priorites so using my bespoke streamlined and proven teaching methods will ensure they become the best they can be; read on for the evidence to help you make an informed decision. Oh yes one other thing I am a qualified Level 2 Football Coach and ex Blyth Spartans footballer!

Book a 1 hour chess consultancy session with me to guarantee improvement in your chess game.

To compliment my chess teaching abilities I am also qualified teacher of  ‘A’ level Computing & Business Studies with official ‘Qualified Teacher Status’.

Trained, through world class teacher training, at Kings College, London to be an excellent teacher / pedagogical theorist.I am simply a highly trained teacher with an incredible skill set for maximising a students potential – fact.

Through research, practice and rigorous training, as well as multiple additional courses such as Safeguarding, EAL, Gifted & Talented, Learning Disabilities and many more courses all of which combine to help make me the most qualified Chess teacher in the UK. So rest assured –  if your child has chess talent and they work 1-1 with me they will be the best they can be in tandem with other talents they may be developing.

Further extending my learning abilities I am currently performing at ‘A’ in my Masters in ‘Teaching & Learning’ at Kings College, London.


As an England 2018 International Junior Team Chess Coach I keep my pedagogical skill set up to date.

Recently I was asked to lecture at a FIDE International junior event, a prestigious honour, where I spoke about chess in UK schools and also the cultural differences to be considered when creating a differentiated modern day Chess Syllabus for Schools.


Book Now with FIDE Chess Trainer FM Charlie Storey PGCE SKYPE Chess Lessons

 0771 90 70 349 or email me  to discuss a weekly 1-1 Chess training program for your talented child.

I have Coached the England International Team 4 times in 2018 at Latvia, Spain, Glasgow, Romania, Latvia! I have also Coached at Montenegro, Prague, Wales and Turkey!




Book a 1 hour chess consultancy session with me to guarantee improvement in your chess game.


I am current 2018/2019 North of England Chess Champion (NCCU Champion) winner of over 160 UK Open events.

Here are a few of my excellent Open victories in the past few years.

1 Chess Result and Cross-table of competitors in the tournament.

2  Chess Result and Cross-table of competitors in the tournament.

3  Chess Result and Cross-table of competitors in the tournament.

4  Chess Result and Cross-table of competitors in the tournament.

5  Chess Result and Cross-table of competitors in the tournament.

6  Chess Result and Cross-table of competitors in the tournament.

7  Chess Result and Cross-table of competitors in the tournament.

8  Chess Result and Cross-table of competitors in the tournament.

9  Chess Result and Cross-table of competitors in the tournament.

10  Chess Result and Cross-table of competitors in the tournament.

I have coached on a 1-1 basis the top rated 9-12 year old England junior that England has ever produced – that means I worked with him over three years and he reached FIDE 2242 and then stopped working with him in Sept 2016. I have also Coached many Junior National Chess Champions so if you decide to have me as your elite Coach you can be sure your child will reach their full potential with the time available they have for chess playing and study. Particular specialist in 7-14 year old students.

Published Author with one of the best chess publishing companies with my book and Chess opening creation The Sniper 

I am also a published Chessbase DVD Fritz Trainer which is my favourite achievement as Chessbase only use the best Chess Teachers and Coaches in the World. here are a few links and images to showcase this.

The Sniper was so successful it became the top / 2nd top selling Chessbase DVD and Chessbase asked me back to the recording studios in Hamburg Germany to record The White Sniper which is due out in March 2019!

So quick recap:

  • Qualified Teacher trained at a top university
  • Official FIDE Master
  • Official FIDE Trainer
  • Performing at ‘A’ in Master in Teaching & Learning
  • Proven history of best FIDE rating for an England Junior 2242 by age 12
  • ‘One to One’ Skype Coach  (FMcharlieStorey) of several National Junior Champions
  • Published Author
  • Official Chessbase DVD Fritz Trainer Author
  • 2018 North England Chess Champion
  • Online Booking System or just tell me via text or email.
  • No charge if you cancel at short notice.
  • DBS Checked, reliable, professional good communication with parents.
  • Uk’s most qualified Chess Teacher to maximise your child’s chess talent.

Here is a clinical list of my chess experience and achievements;

Chess Achievements in Date Order:

  • Part owner of Chess Fun Clubs Ltd
  • North of England Chess Champion 2018
  • ECF International Junior Team Coach 2018
  • ECF Academy Coach
  • ECF Academy Director of Chess Homework
  • 3000 Blitz Rating at Chess24.com  November  2018
  • Passed Fide Trainer Seminar lead by Adrian Mihalsison in Romania
  • Winner of top UK Congress Blackpool 2017
  • England international Team Chess Coach 2016 – 2018
  • Coach and currently Coach the winner of 2017 Gibraltar Junior International U12 Girl Abbey Weersing
  • Coached 3 National Junior Champions in 2017 – Viktor Stoyanov u14 Zoha Ashraf u8 Shlok Verma u8
  • Coach 1-1 via Skype – many of the top juniors in England
  • Currently Coach best 2 Juniors in Malta via Skype Mathew and Luke Fleri
  • Creator of training tools for Empire Chess / ichess http://www.uscfsales.com/chess-dvds/chess-strategy-dvds/gm-strategy-for-club-players-empire-chess-damian-lemos.html
  • Coached and mentor the best Under 13 in the UK

MORE Stuff to come!

ECF Academy Coach 2015/2018 – Delivering FIDE Training Syllabus

  • FIDE Arena Grandmaster
  • 2012-2014 Chess Puzzle Creator / Online worker for OnlineChessLessons.net
  • Winner of 153 UK Opens
  • Chess Journalist, Promoter and Arbiter.
  • Created ‘The FIDE Master Training Course’ [Dendrite Chess Publishing 2014] Also see end of this document which shows all Sniper learning materials I have created and which form the Fide Master Training Course 2014
  • Created a Download Server and Chess training materials repository involving Chess Videos, Chessbase materials, Sniper books and pdf’s centralised through two sites CharlieChess.com and www.GrandmasterVideoCourse.com
  • School Chess Coach Kings school Tynemouth (Woodard Corporation) 2000-2012
  • Published Chess Author: The Sniper [ Everyman Chess 2011]
  • Skype Online Chess Teacher £40 per Hour 1-1 or 1-Many

See my Chess portfolio ( above) here and download the materials on the opening I created. 

  • England u16 Olympiad Chess Coach 2009/10
  • Vendor at www.Chessclub.com
  • London Chess Classic Coach 2009
  • Civil Service National Champion 1991
  • Fide Master (F.M.) acquired 2009.
  • British Championship 5 minute Champion 1998
  • Scottish Lightning Champion 2001
  • English Chess Federation Rapidplay Champion 2007/08
  • County Titles Won: 35
  • International Master Norms (1) ECF Great Yarmouth. + (1) 4NCL 1996
  • ECF Player of the Tournament 2007.
  • Business Plan created for CharlieChess Ltd 2009
  • Built a Chess Education System using Java programming language.
  • Northumberland Chess 2012 Champion 7/7 all with The White or Black Sniper!

Chess Organising:

  • Currently run Sunday FIDE Blitz in Morpeth Northumberland
  • North East Junior Chess Clubs 2009/10
  • Pioneered Internet Games relayed Live across The Internet 1997/98
  • HolyCity GrandMaster events 1 and 2.
  • Organiser of ‘Mortimer festival of Chess’ 1997 (1 month long)
  • ChessBoxing Master of Ceremonies – Boston Academy, London 2009

Chess Teaching:

  • FIDE Trainer Seminar completed and passed.
  • England u16 Team Coach 2017 – Romania – European Youth
  • England u18 Team Coach 2017 – Wales – Glorney Cup
  • England u16 Team Coach 2017 – Montenegro European Schools
  • England u16 Team Coach 2016 – Prague European Youth
  • School Chess Coach Brunton Primary 2015 – 2018
  • Fully Qualified Computer Science Teacher
  • DBS Checked – Online Service registered
  • England u16 Coach Manager & ECF Approved Coach
  • 1st Aid for Work
  • Child Protection Module Completed.
  • School Chess Coach Mortimer Primary and High School 1994 – 1996
  • School Chess Coach Hotspur Primary 2004
  • School Chess Coach Moorside Primary 2005
  • School Chess Coach Kings school Tynemouth (Woodard corporation) 2000-2012
  • School Chess Coach Astley High School 2006-2008
  • School Chess Coach Cramlington high School 2008 – 2011
  • School Chess Coach Delaval Middle School Blyth 2009
  • Private Students (1-1) or (1-2) 12 in total. (Children and Adults.)

Chess Books Written:


  • 2008, The National Chess Syllabus featuring ‘The Bandana Martial Art Exam System. (Trafford)
  • 2009 The National Chess Syllabus Chess Openings for aspiring Black Bandana Students.
  • January 2011 – The Sniper. (EverymanChess)
  • 2014 The White Sniper [Foxy DVD]
  • Chessbase Sniper – Due October 2017

Chess Master Qualifications:

  • Official FIDE Chess Master
  • International Chess Organiser ( 2 norms)
  • International Master Norms (1) ECF Great Yarmouth 2007. (1) 4NCL 1997
  • World Childrens Chess Academy Trustee.

Please contact me if you would like a weekly training program for your talented chess student.

I charge £40 per 1 hour session which includes 1 hour coaching, access to 300 Hours of FIDE Master Training Course, Other bespoke training materials – A regular weekly slot is given that you can change or cancel. I make all of the sessions interesting and give copies of all learned materials via Chessbase or place it online for student to view.

See my availability here and either book direct here or call / text me on UK mobile 07719070349


PS. I am also an excellent footballer and football Coach!

At age 12 I could do 10,000 kick ups and I had trials under Joe Royale at Oldham FC when they were in the top division!

The highest I got was playing for Blyth Spartans FC in 2000 / 2001 where I averaged 1.1 goal per 90 minutes!

I hope you have enjoyed my Chess CV it is designed to show you that I am a professional and dedicated chess teacher which you can use as a metric when deciding who should have precious contact time with your son / daughter to help maximise their learning; for the limited contact time they have for learning / playing chess.

Please contact me for an initial session / consultation at my off peak £40 cost. The best £40 you will spend on your chess journey as we set out a roadmap and training program and see what is capable based on the constraints in your lifestyle.   CharlieStorey@ChessFunClubs.com  or text on UK Mobile  07719070349

I am expensive but I am the best UK Chess teacher – fact.