About Us

We are passionate about bringing the great virtues of fun chess training activities to enhance young lives.

We organise 8 Types of Chess training and events for Primary School Kids:

  1. Chess After School Clubs
  2. Chess Lunch Time Clubs
  3. Chess Holiday Camp Clubs
  4. Chess Breakfast Clubs
  5. On School time Chess Training
  6. Chess Community Clubs
  7. School Chess Leagues
  8. National School Tournaments

Come along to our School Chess Fun Clubs or one of our Community Fun Chess Clubs or even compete in the National School Chess Tournaments that we organise! Okay that may be too fast so come along to our regular ‘Saturday Friendly Tournaments‘ where you can pit your skills against other Chess Warriors!

We use our own 100% Differentiated Chess Training Syllabus, created by The 2018 England International Team Coach and FIDE Chess Master  / Trainer and only qualified school teacher in the UK who is also a FIDE Chess Master.

Our Differentiated Chess Training Syllabus is to enable the young students to learn exactly at their own pace and our expert chess instructors are always on hand to give great support and extra tips when needed if kids prefer more learning than fun!

The Company is owned by Vivienne Horseman a Computer training expert  / passionate chess mom and Charlie Storey a qualified Business Studies Teacher and Creator of The first National Chess Syllabus in the UK and our new 100% Differentiated Chess Training Syllabus,

Charlie Storey
National Manager
Vivienne Horseman
Graham Dobson
Regional Manager
Richard Doyle
Data Manager
Chris Ray
IT Support